REFACING is our specialty at Deco Solutions.

REFACING offers a renewal of the visible parts of your kitchen cabinets. Thus the cabinets remain in place, but they will be revamped and newly finished on the outside having more chances to make more modifications such as new island cabinets, drawers, glass doors etc. Thereafter, cabinet doors, drawer fronts and countertops will be replaced. We will finalize the restoration by adding decorative elements such as moldings, light valances, trims and handles.

The look of your kitchen is rapidly improved. By retaining and recycling your cabinets it allows you to continue to live almost normally during the course of the work. This is because instead of demolishing your kitchen we are remodeling your kitchen within a few days.

We will accompany you during all stages of your renovation project:

  • We will meet with you to determine your specific needs, your budget and identify the (modern, contemporary, classic or otherwise) desired style
  • We will help you make the choice of colors and materials for cabinets and countertops
  • We respect the installation dates, timeline and the few days we have on site
  • We will evaluate the possibilities of changes (additions of cabinets, island, pantry etc)
  • A technician will be on hand to take measures because everything is “custom made” for you
  • We proceed to installation
  • All this in a short delay 2-3 days


  • We remove the cabinet doors, drawer fronts, panels and hinges
  • We do a special cleaning and preparing of the cabinets before recovering
  • We reface the front and side the cabinets
  • We re-install new doors with new hinges and drawer fronts
  • We install the crown moldings, light valances, kick plates and the final touch….the handles
  • Voila its done! The installation is completed

Afterwards, you just have to stand back to admire and enjoy the centerpiece and soul of your home. In addition, you will have made an ecological and affordable choice! Have peace of mind and contact us now! Do not wait!


  • Avoid the high costs of your new kitchen and save up to 40%
  • Avoid the major inconvenience of a large construction zone when renovating your kitchen
  • All components are made to measure for a precise fit
  • Save on expensive plumbing and electrical costs
  • Simplify maintenance with materials that can be cleaned in a jiffy
  • Limit cost since new flooring, paint, backsplash, electrical etc costs are optional